Proclamations for the Johnnie M. Marino 95th Birthday on June 24, 2014

To: GOE Members

On the official agenda of the Johnnie M. Marino 95th Birthday, we have the following proclamations:

1. A proclamation has been confirmed from the office HCCS Southeast College. President Dr. Irene Porcarello will be present.

2. A proclamation has been confirmed from the office of the Mayor of Houston. The Mayor or a representative will be present. Continue reading

Come to meet our Korean War Veterans on May 28

The Gathering of Eagles respectfully invites you to come meet Mr. Robert J. Mitchell, our Keynote Speaker, a USMC Korean War Veteran at the next Gathering of Eagles on Noon, Wednesday, May 28 at IHOP on Gulf Freeway at Woodridge, Houston.
Mr. Mitchell will speak on his Korean War experience and on several activities that his organization is involved. He will speak about the Memorial Day Veteran Dedicated Astro’s baseball game. The Astros invitation to WW II Veterans has been answered by three Gathering of Eagles, which are Johnny Merino, D-Day Normandy; Marcos Barelas, Merrill’s Marauders, and David De La Cruz. Please attend on May 28 and join us to pay respect to our Korean War Veterans. We the Gathering of Eagles invites you to join us!
Come have a cup of coffee and join us for camaraderie!

Korean War GI

Coffee break time in the Korean War, 1951-1953

Korean War

Korean War Refugees

A GI during the Korean War

Walking to my job
Korean War GI